broiler chicken cage

Broiler chicken cage is hot galvanized or cold galvanized


broiler chicken cage is to breed broilers . Not like ground feeding line , broiler cage let chicken live in cell unit. This is modern and scientific way to breed broilers , especially for commmercial broilers breeding.

Advantage Of Broiler Chicken Cage

(1) Reduce disease

Unlike pan feeding line on ground , broiler chicken cage let broiler live in cell unit. This reduce touch so that reduce disease.

(2) Save Land

Broiler chicken cage will breed more broilers than ground feeding line . The raising density increase 50%~100% than floor system.This will utmost use of land&shed .

(3) Save feed

Broiler chicken cage let broilers few walk around , so less energy consume . Feed trough will help broiler not waste feed . These two factor will save money and improve Feed/Meat ratio.

(4) Easy observe and manage

Broiler live in broiler cage will easy for farmer to observe and give them injection.

Broiler Chicken Cage Specification

Type: A typer 3 tiers broiler cage

Whole cage size : 1.65mx2.25mx1.65m(L*W*H)

Cage basket size :1.6mmx620mmx420mm(L*W*H)

Singe cage size: 800mmx620mmx420mm 

Raising area for each broiler: 0.325CM²

Raising capacity: 10 broilers/cage, 120 pullets/set

Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanization or electro galvanization or plastic coated

Raise period: one day old ~45 days old.

Accessories: cage, cage frame, water pipe, drinkers, feeders, other necessary fittings


Delivery And Package 

(1) Shipping by Sea or flight.

(2) Accessories such as nipple, packed by carton (sometimes carton)

(3) Delivery by 20GP or 40GP container. If you just by accessories , we send you by DHL or less container load.

chicken cage delivery

Why Choose Us

We have our own R&D team on our factory. We make sure all the design is scientific and reasoble , help you save money on running your chicken farm. We have practical ablity to help you design moderm automatic chicken farm. The shed is good ventilation . The motor we use Mitsubishi , all the equipment is checked ok before delivery.

We have expericened , quick response and religious project team help you do chicken farm location choice , develop plan , chicken shed design & construction , equipment installation and products upgrade, free technical consultant , breeding knowledge learning lessons . We hope all our hard work can help you operate your poultry farm well and benifit .

Our Project 

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broiler chicken cage farm 1

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