nipple drinker

use for layers , broiler , chicks , duck etc



Nipple drinker is very important in chicken farm. In hot weather , the chicken need more water than usual. Guarantee the water supply is first thing a poultry farmer should do .

The nipple drinker mainly have three type:

(1) steel ball valve nipple drinker

(2) Spring nipple drinker

(3) cone valve nipple drinker.

Ball valve nipple drinker is most popular product in market now. Many farmer like this type nipple drinker. Because it save water , there is no water leakage and keep a good water supply. 360° water supply let chicken easy to drink.

Spring nipple drinker almost weed out in China market and many other countries. But there is still some undeveloped zone use it . Because it is cheap price compare with ball valve nipple drinker.

Cone valve nipple drinker (also called Lubing nipple drinker ) usually used on square water pipe . Breeding broiler chicken on ground or H type automatic chicken cage , use this type nipple drinker. It is high quality , most of the time only big poultry farm company choose it.

Different Kinds Of Nipple Drinker And Cup

different kinds of nipple drinker and cups

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