automatic pullet chicken cage

Automatic pullet chicken cage is an upgrade of pullet chicken cage

FOB Price: US $85 – 140
Min.Order  : 10 Set/Sets
Delivery  Time: 10~20 days
Supply Ability: 20000 Set/Sets per Month
Shipping Port: Qingdao,Tianjin, Shanghai ,Shenzhen etc
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal,Cash etc


Automatic pullet chicken cage is an upgrade of pullet  cage. Just add automatic feeding machine , manure cleaning system , ventilation system. Automatic pullet chicken cage increase efficiency and make farming easier.

Automatic Pullet Chicken Cage Specification

Type: A type

Cage basket size :1950mmx500mmx350mm(L*W*H)

Whole cage size: 2mx2mx1.6m

Capacity: 10 broilers/cage, 180 pullets/set

Surface treatment: Hot dipped galvanization/electro galvanization /plastic coated

Raise period: from one day old till 16 weeks old .

Automatic Pullet Chicken Cage Advantage

(1) Save Labor

Non automatic pullet chicken cage need a lot work to do everyday. More workers and time need . Automatic system solve this problem.

(2) Average Feeding

Manual feeding easy lead to unaverage feed in feed trough. The automatic feeding system contain average device solve this problem.

(3) Improve Efficiency

Time is money , time is everything. Automatic system save time and liberate farmer from hard work. They can study breeding knowldeg and new technology, do more worthy things

Main Part Of Automatic Pullet Chicken Cage

(1) Automatic Feeding System

Save labor, average feeding device , easy operation let this system welcomed in poultry farmer.

(2) Automatic Manure Removal System

Scrapper machine or manure belt will remove manure automaticly. You just need to press the control button. Let hard work become easy, let poultry farming become easier.

(3) Ventilation System

Fan will supply fresh air to shed . Cooling pad cool the chicken house temperatue through water evaporation.

Our Project 

automatic pullet cage farm

automatic pullet cage farm

Why Choose Us

We have our own R&D team on our factory. We make sure all the design is scientific and reasoble , help you save money on running your chicken farm. We have practical ablity to help you design moderm automatic chicken farm. The shed is good ventilation . The motor we use Mitsubishi , all the equipment is checked ok before delivery.

We have expericened , quick response and religious project team help you do chicken farm location choice , develop plan , chicken shed design & construction , equipment installation and products upgrade, free technical consultant , breeding knowledge learning lessons . We hope all our hard work can help you operate your poultry farm well and benifit .

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