Automatic H type pullet chicken cage

Automatic H type pullet cage suit for commercial farm.


Automatic H type pullet chicken cage breed more chicks than A type . It save land for poultry farmers . Large scale pullet (eg 50,000 pullets) just only use one shed , easy to operate and manage pullets. Full autoamtic pullet cage let poultry farmer easier to raise chicks, lower cost for per chicks .

Automatic H Type Pullet Chicken Cage Specification 

Cell size:  650*600*410mm    3cells/Unit

Capacity: 240 birds totally.

Surface treatment: Hot galvanized

Lifespan:  could be used 20-30 years

Fittings:   cage system , automatic feeding/drinking/ventilation/collect broiler system.other necessary fittings

Advantage Of H Type Automatic Pullet Chicken Cage

(1) Save Land

Land price higher and higher in every country. H type automatic pullet cage can occupy less land .

(2) Reduce Disease

Manure belt can clean chicken dung totally. This reduce the epidemic .

(3) Temperature Control

Pullet can grow fast and healthy in a comfortable temperature . Close chicken house let temperature on control.

(4) Easy Operation

A type pullet cage need 3 shed to breed 50,000 chicks . But H type pullet cage just need 1 shed . Pullet concentrate let farm manage easy to do , also reduce workers in farm.

Main Part Of H Type Automatic Pullet Chicken Cage 

(1) Automatic Feeding System

Automatic feeding machine let breeding easy to do , not hard work .

h automatic pullet cage feed system

h type automatic pullet cage feed system

(2) Automatic Drinking System

DOSATRON, Filter , nipple drinker and water piple make sure a good water supply .

h type cage drinking system

(3) Automatic Manure Cleaning System

Manure belt remove manure automaticly. Dirty & tired work become easy and clean.

h cage manure cleaning system

(4) Ventilation System

Ventilation system let the air in pullet chicken farm keep fresh. It can also control the temperature in shed through computor.

h cage ventilation system

Our Project 

h frame pullet cage 1

h type automatic pullet cage case 1

h frame pullet cage farm 2

h farme automatic pullet cage cage 2

h frame pullet cage farm 3

h frame automatic pullet cage case 3

Why Choose Us

We have our own R&D team on our factory. We make sure all the design is scientific and reasoble , help you save money on running your chicken farm. We have practical ablity to help you design moderm automatic chicken farm. The shed is good ventilation . The motor we use Mitsubishi , all the equipment is checked ok before delivery.

We have expericened , quick response and religious project team help you do chicken farm location choice , develop plan , chicken shed design & construction , equipment installation and products upgrade, free technical consultant , breeding knowledge learning lessons . We hope all our hard work can help you operate your poultry farm well and benifit .

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