cross manure belt cleaning system

Horizontal type manure cleaing system


Cross manure belt cleaning system is on one end of chicken shed. It can used together with A type manure belt cleaning system , H type manure belt cleaning system or manure scraper machine. It’s function is remove manure out of shed and delivery to truck.

The cross manure belt machine usually used for middle or big chicken farm.It can transport chicken dung to truck directly. So it is labor saving , high efficiency and keep the chicken farm clean , no bad smell.

Specification Of Cross Manure Belt Cleaning Machine

Power: 3KW


Length: cross length=shed width   oblique length=3~10m

Specification Of Manure Belt

Material : PP/PE

Thickness: 2.0mm/ 3.0mm/ 8.0mm

Width: As your requirement

Length: As your requirement

manure belt cleaning machine 2

manure belt cleaning machine 2

( Cross and oblique manure belt machine)

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