manure scraper machine

manure scrapper machine is economic and popular.

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Manure scraper machine can remove chicken manure outside shed. The motor drive the scraper move and take the manure out. It is one economic and practical machine.

Working process of manure scrapper machine

There is a hollow under the cages to collect chicken dung . turn on the control panel to make the scrape move along the rope to clean the chicken manure into the manure pool outside the chicken house

The hollow depth : about 30cm

The width : it is as the bottom of the frame of the cage system , as the distance between the two legs of the cage .

The length : it is as the chicken house , the pool is outside the chicken house .

Specification Of Manure Cleaning Scrapper Machine

Driving Motor: 1set

Type: one motor control 2-4 scraper moving, cleaning all the manure pits in one time

The scraper made of: galvanized plate,one row one scraper

Rated Power=0.75kw, AC,3PH,Voltage=220V/380V,Weight=105kg

Rope material:  Nylon

manure scraper motor

manure scraper motor

Features Of Henan Dingtuo Manure Cleaning Scrapper Machine

Scraping the dung plate size is : 1m-2.8m

Motor maximum power:1.5kw

Suggests the dung road deepness:0.3-0.5m ,

One machine can take 1/2/3 dung road

Scraping the dung plate:surface zinc is thick, can reach about 600g/M²,It has the corrosion resistance of high strength

( Accessories)

manure scraper machine 1

manure scraper machine 1

( Manaure cleaning scrapper machine use in chicken farm)

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