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When other chicken farmers make money, some chicken farmers will be very jealous. But when they started their own chicken industry, they did not make money from it. What is the reason for the decrease in your poultry profits? Now, Henan Dingtuo has summarized the various reasons for your unprofitability. Basically from the chicken industry, the reasons are as follows:

1. Theft

This is common in large farms with poor supervision and worker corruption. They tend to steal eggs, chicken, etc. Please always monitor your farm activities. You can install a surveillance camera on your phone! You can visit your farm suddenly every day.

2. Feed waste

Improper feeding, the food tray trough is too full or feeding time is wrong. Replace the damaged food tray, if it is ground farming, the feed will rise from the ground and feeder. For cages, please choose a large trough, put the plug at the end of the trough, and keep feeding 3 to 5 times a day. Feeding multiple times can avoid wasting chicken feed.

3. Improper feeding method

Some farmers tend to feed only once a day or overfeed each time. We should not feed chickens at will, we must strictly follow the feeding mode and feeding chart. You should measure the feed for them from the first day according to your management guidelines. Mature birds in cages consume 110 grams per day, but ground-fed chickens require 130 grams per bird per day.

4.  Use unnecessary feed additives

Some farmers buy almost all the feed additives on the market because they want their birds to grow faster. Choose high-quality feed to reduce the cost of additives. Do n’t waste money on additives and supplements that wo n’t make a profit.

5. Drug abuse

The use of unnecessary medicines is wrong, especially if the birds are healthy. Use the right dose at the right time. Feeding antibiotics to birds, in many cases, I think this is unnecessary. Because most of the challenges of farming are management
Therefore, it is important to correct the wrong feeding management, not just rely on the use of antibiotics!
Note: The best immune enhancers and production enhancers are your management and feed.

6. Can’t think lazily

Some farmers are usually lazy, they buy almost everything, and it is difficult for them to think outside the box. Some things you don’t need them! The products you buy include methionine, lysine and enzymes … these things are already on your list! …. Now tell me, have you considered these costs before? Most of the vitamins your layer hens depend on are already in your premix!

7. Poor management and biological safety

Poor management can lead to bad profits. Poorly managed chickens produce less eggs and will not bring better profits.

Improving biological safety can save you money and avoid chicken house diseases. Vaccinate on time, clean up garbage in a timely manner, remove feces under the cage every day, clean water pipes and drinking fountains, and replace the plantar disinfectant once a week or every four days.

8. Bad marketing strategy

Most farmers do not know how to market their products. Farmers often publish advertisements in the same group to promote products, while other farmers are doing the same. Go to other WhatsApp and Facebook groups and market your products, print
Flyers, take them to the office and wait to tell others about your product.

9. Ignore the power of bulk purchases

When you know that bulk purchases can be discounted, why buy farm inputs little by little? Always buy what you need in bulk. If there is no capital, meet other farmers and gather resources.

Some farmers have done it, and it is useful for them. To give an example: if we are ten farmers, we will buy a container of goods at a lower price, and we will distribute it to ourselves … We can buy corn in bulk or sell eggs in bulk.

10. Ignore other poultry products

Empty feed bags, poultry droppings, etc. can make money for you. Don’t ignore or throw them away. In Africa, the price of used feed bags is 50 cents. How many feed bags did you throw away?
In Africa, a group of women who grow vegetables are using chicken manure as fertilizer …

11. Too many people

When you have too many workers, it will increase your farm expenses. Staffing should be handled properly. Henan Dingtuo’s automated breeding equipment will help you reduce your workers. If it is a non-automatic deep litter ground farming, manual feeding is needed,
At least 2 workers are required to raise 2000 birds. With automated equipment, it takes 1-2 workers to raise 10,000 chickens.

12. rely on middlemen

Most middlemen can help you sell your eggs, chicken, and help you buy feed. But to promote and sell your products, in addition to the middleman, you also need to develop your own sales channels, because the middleman needs to earn the difference.

You can calculate the cost of breeding, go to the supermarket and ask for the price of eggs in the market, so as to set your price, find the ultimate buyer, increase sales profits, promote your non-antibiotic eggs, etc., let more people book your eggs, chicken, And chicks.

13. Try every new technology / method

Some farmers have not insisted on the method that suits them best. They buy every idea they encounter. This does not mean that we should not try. Eliminate new things, but at least we need to be cautious.

Do n’t just change from one feed type to another! You cannot frequently change the feed and feeding methods. You have to find your own way to feed the chicken.

14. Purchase the wrong product

Some farmers did not buy the right products to increase profits. They bought counterfeit or inferior products. Buying from a trusted source will save you a lot of money and increase your profits. Get a reliable feed distributor. Ask successful farmers about reliable people.

Other considerations :
When you strive to increase the profit from the farm, you need;
1. Make your bird free from disease by choosing a good breed and providing a good breed, make a vaccination schedule.
2. Reduce the death of birds by using chicken cages to separate chickens.
3. Improve egg production through scientific and technological methods.
4. Keep poultry free from dreadful noise and polluted environment.
5. Replenish poultry with correct and useful supplements.

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