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Why poultry farmers need quality chicken cage ? All is 96 birds capacity cage , 120 capacity cage ,128 birds capacity , no matter who supply it , they can breed same quantity chickens , what i need is cheap , cheap and cheapest chicken cage . What i need is affordable chicken cage , lowest price . In Africa and many countries , when talk about chicken cage and poultry equipment, many middle and small scale poultry farmer owner told me this. Also some cage agent also ask cheap price , not care about quality , just let me benefit more.


But i want to ask cheapest chicken cage is really a good choice for poultry farmers ? I am afraid the poultry farmer who have use the bad and cheap cage will give the answer: No.


Many new poultry farmer maybe not know the difference of quality and configuration of chicken cage. They think chicken cage is the same , at least they looks the same , no much difference. In fact , the difference is big . Quality chicken cage and bad chicken cage , much difference , they are different life time , when use they are different egg laying rate , and so on .


On social media , there are a lot of poultry farmer sell used chicken cage ,second chicken cage , and some agent sell new chicken cage( it have rust ). These cage looks rust and can not use again. Who buy it also can not use too much time.


Many poultry farmers just buy cage without any choice , not care about quality and just need cheap one , in future this cheap cage give them a lot harm and waste them a lot of money and energy. So , at here i want to give you analysis of the difference , to avoid poultry farmers regret in future and avoid falling into the trap.


( 1 ) Quality chicken cage VS cheap chicken cage


Quality chicken cage , at least raw materials is Q235 carbon steel , high zinc hot galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.  The cage frame use U-shape hot galvanized , and feed trough is white color and strong big size type. Also the nipple drinker need use ball valve type nipple .


Cheap chicken cage , usually use low configuration raw materials. The raw materials is Q195 steel , and use electric galvanized or cold galvanized , this cage easy rust. And feed trough use green or black one , middle size feed trough. And even the cage weight and cage length is not enough and standard.


Quality chicken cage can use more than 15 years time.  But cheap and bad cage , only 2~3 years rust and at most 5 years time.


More details please read :   The difference of hot galvanized cage and cold galvanized cage 


( 2 ) When arrived the port , cage is rust when open container.


On facebook and other social media , i usually can read news cage agent sell used chicken cage , and some poultry farmer sell second chicken cage. When i check the photo carefully,  i find some cage is not used cage , they are new chicken cage but bad quality.  When arrived Lagos port , or Tema port , or other country port , it have rust .

bad cheap cage

Why this phenomenon happen ?  The reason is that cold galvanized chicken cage , the zinc on surface is very thin and on long time sea shipping , the ocean water and wind have causticity . So the chicken cage easy rust on long term delivery. Especially the covid period , the world sea shipping is slow and need long time on sea.


(3 ) Many poultry farmer sell their cage only use 2~3 years in their farm


We can see news some poultry farmer sell used chicken cage , and the cage frame rust whole body , and chicken cage rust and can not use again. In fact these cage ,  they only use 2~3 years and it rust so quickly.


Ammonia —— the first factor lead to chicken cage rust quickly .The secret is that the chicken manure can generate Ammonia . Electric galvanized cage , cold galvanized cage , less zinc on cage and cage frame surface ( Zinc is to protect the steel not rust ),  so the cage rust quickly without thick zinc .


(4)The harm of use bad chicken cage

Usually the cold galvanized cage , only about 3 years time they will rust. And at most 5~6 years , you need change them. Do not believe who told you his cold galvanized cage is good quality. All cold galvanized cage , the zinc on surface is not more than 30g.


You have to buy new cage only few years time . This will take you energy and time


You have to spend more extra money. Buy 2 time bad quality cage , the cost almost 1.5 times of high quality chicken cage. This means you spend more money on your farm equipment.


You need pay another time delivery and shipping price. Pay for installation and supply food and room for chicken cage install workers.


Bad and cheap chicken cage lead to low egg laying rate. Some cage is not scientific design and narrow for layer chickens ,  this cage design 1870mm long. Chicken is narrow when eat food , and narrow space inside the cage.  They are not comfortable , how you expect a good egg laying rate.  Some farm only have 70% egg laying per day.  This is too low laying rate. You can not benefit from your commercial chicken farm is so low laying rate.


( 5 ) Use quality chicken cage , what you can benefit ?

Only the first time , maybe invest is a little higher than bad quality one , but it can use a longer time.


No need change cage within 15~30 years time. Save you time and energy , just focus on breeding.


Save money. Quality cage can use long time , the cage cost on per year , it is very low , much economic than cold galvanized cage or electric galvanized .


Save delivery fees and install fees. You can focus on your egg selling , learn breeding knowledge and your poultry business , no need worry about change cage , buy cage , pay install fees and so on.


Quality cage is standard and scientific design. It supply comfortable environment for chickens , let chicken more egg laying rate , and less dying .


There is one saying:  The cheap and bad quality product , you are happyness only when you buy it the moment. But after you buying , the harm and pain will along with you.  But the quality one will not.  Quality one only the first time need more money , but on average it is cheap.


So i give you suggestions:  No matter you are poultry farmers or cage agent at your local. Choose quality first , make sure good quality , then talk about price , discuss the price . If no quality , the price have no any meaning.

EMA bicycle good quality

EMA bicycle good quality

When write here , let me remember when i was a child,  my father have a plan to buy bicycle. At that time the bicycle is not a small money. Our family discuss it and decide to buy quality one. This bicycle is import from Japan and really good quality, brand name is : EMA .


We buy it at the year 2002 . Now almost 20 years time , the bicycle frame and many part is still ok . Of course , few years ago we repair it .


When we buy it , this bicycle is 500RMB. And 20 years time , per year cost only 25RMB. And it still can use now. We love this bicycle and now , so long time , we treat it as one member of family.


We also buy another bicycle in 2001. That bicycle only 300RMB. And on the year 2008, it broken and can not repair , we have to sell it as scrap iron——only 10RMB. So use 7 years time , 290RMB(300RMB-10RMB) in total, per year cost is 41RMB.


The high quality bicycle , per year cost only 25RMB and it still can use now.  But the cheap and low quality bicycle ,  per year cost is 41RMB.


Quality not just say beautiful words— no any meaning . Quality can go trough time, and time will give the answer, and time and reality will prove it . And when you choose quality , you can find another world and a different point look at the world. And you can find the meaning of life,work , family.


Quality first , then the price .

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