egg chicken farm

When the laying hens are fed for a certain period of time, the management staff will transfer them to the chicken cage for breeding. During this period, the management staff must make the following preparations before transferring.

The laying time of laying hens is determined by their weight. When the average weight of laying hens is 1.5 kg, they start to choose to cage or prepare for cages according to the time of 45-60 days.

Before put into poultry cage, it is necessary to do the disinfection and refurbishment work of large chicken coops or breeding chicken coops, and check whether the facilities of the chicken coops are feasible.

The weight of the chickens should be tested before they are caged and whether they meet the standard. Is it possible to reach the nipple of the waterline. Also pay attention to weather changes. In winter, it is convenient to start put into cages at noon on a sunny day (the temperature in the house is not enough, you can use heating facilities). It is more convenient to use liquefied gas. Put an iron plate on the hob and heat it. In summer, it is best to be putted into cages in the evening, when the sky is getting dark, the sky is cool, the light is not strong, the chickens are less stressed, and people are not suffering.

From the brooding room to the breeding layer chicken cage, it is best to use a feed bag for catching chickens, 12 in a bag. 50-500 meters away works well. If you are close, you can carry 4 of them in one hand. Of course , use transport crates is the best .

Prevent chickens from stressed when transferring groups. You can feed anti-stressed drugs for 3-5 days to prevent mycoplasma disease caused by stress. Azithromycin add with doxycycline is enough. You can also drink water with penicillin for three days, and transfer to the cage on the middle day. Each unit is calculated according to 30,000 to 35,000 units (50 people using 1.6 million units). The effect is anti-stressed, while avoid intestinal anti-inflammatory and control coccidiosis . At the same time, make preparations for killing insects before put cage, mainly nematodes, tapeworms, coccidia. Some farmers are accustomed to use levamisole, (100 pieces of 70 chickens) to mix at night before cage . It is also useful to use Coccidia in combination with enteritis medicine to fight coccidiosis. It is used for two days before being caged and used for two days after cage. Both insecticidal methods are possible, but at the same time be sure to use cod liver oil dressing or drinking water (cod liver oil effect; repair intestinal mucosa and respiratory mucosa) and do a good job of transition period feed.

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