the difference of hot galvanized and cold galvanized cage

Chicken cage is a key part of poultry equipment. Chicken cage touch with layer directly. So its material is very important. The chicken cage can be divided into cold galvanized cage , hot galvanized cage , Zn-mg alloy cage.

Not matter layer chicken cage , broiler cage or chicks cage , all can be divided into cold galvanized material and hot galvanized material.

Do the materials different too much ? Let me tell you a story.Many poultry farmer may meet with this thing. Three or more suppliers give me quotation ,but same quantity chicken cage , their quotation is very different , high price even 2~3 time of low price. Why the price difference so big , does some supplier cheat me just want to make a lot money from me ?

The secret is chicken cage surface is difference treatment and produced.

Now let me introduce you the difference between hot galvanized chicken cage and cold galvanized chicken cage.

  1. Hot galvanized chicken cage

Hot galvanized chicken cage processing craft: hard-drawn wire are welded , then be send to hot galvanized zinc workshop. This kind chicken cage is complex processing craft, also anti-rust than any other cage. Of course , the price is also high.

Hot galvanized is also called hot dipped zinc or hot galvanized zinc coated: it is a anti-rust method for steel. Usually the steel after rust removal , put into 500℃ temperature zinc water, let the surface coated zinc.

The chicken cage after hot galvanized the best anti-rust , cages not rust even use 30 years time.The zinc on the surface can be 500g/m².

      2.Cold galvanized chicken cage

Processing craft: weld the hard-drawn wire , then put wire mesh into zinc water. The zinc water is normal temperature , use electric galvanized. The zinc thickness on surface can be 10~50g/m². Life time usually about 10 years.

This craft is simple and easy to operate , also price is low .

 3. Zn-Mg alloy chicken cage

This material is new . Because environmental protection is strict in China. So some factory choose Zn-Mg alloy material . It is also anti-rust and strong. But price is very high.

Because of its high price , so only few poultry farmer choose Zn-Mg alloy materials chicken cage.

Hot galvanized chicken cage: 20~30 years life time.

Cold galvanized chicken cage: 8~12 years life time .

The life time and anti-rust ablity is different. So when you purchase chicken cage , please think twice and choose the one suit for you. Not be cheated by some bad suppliers.

Tips: If your country temperature is not too hot , you can choose cold galvanized because it is cheap , you can as a start to save invest . If hot weather and moist climate all the year around, we suggest you choose hot galvanized chicken cage.

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