how much require to start with poultry farm

How much do i require to start with poultry farm ?

This is a questions on facebook asked by Sharz De’Lee . She have no experience on poultry farming , also do not know how much capital required to start .

As a new one to start poultry farm , ask this questions is normal and right. This will help her avoid venture and get helpful advice from others. Everyone who want to go to a new business , consult and ask the one who have experience is a good and effective way.

This remind me many years ago , when i was 20 years old , i plan to buy a computer. I tell my Dad this idea and he agree , give me the money. But i have no any knowledge about computer: which type computer is good , the configuration is ok ? I am blind on computer. So i ask my classmates help me . He buy computer 2 years ago and know computer quality and configuration. At last , his advice and suggestions give me a great help .

Ok, now go to our topics today. How much required ? As a new starter , we not know how much capital required , we not know how much birds we start . So following i give suggestions on the two parts .

  1. How much capital required to start poultry farm ?

Start poultry farm can be any capital amount. Many farmer worry about no enough capital to start poultry farm. In fact , this worry is unnecessary.

If you have little money , you can start with 10~30 chicks. The chicken can eat worm, grass seed , insect. You can save some cost on chicken feed. What your cost is money for buy small chicks.

Real Story: 30 years ago, China poultry farmer is also very poor . Many is family poultry , breed 20~50 layers . Farmer just pay money for day old chicks. They feed the chicks with left food people eat ,grass . Also let chicken find food themselves, such as worm , seed , insect. Many big farm is develop from small .

If your capital enough and want to own a big farm, you can ask professional company , let them make farm design and cost estimate.

  1. How much birds required to start ?

If you have no experience on poultry farming , we suggest you start with 100~500 birds as a start. You consult other tips for breeding . Then you practise on your breeding , and acknowledge the breeding skills , have your own experience.

After your first try and have experience , you can large your poultry farm step by step.

  1. Which kind i start , layer or chicks?

This is hard to say. It depends on your finance conditions.

If you less money and want to get a quick return, you can hatching chicks. From egg to chicks just 21 days . and sell small chicks or young layers to local other farmers .

If your money enough , you can breed layers . Usually layers lay egg about 15 weeks old . And egg is sustainable required in the city market . You can get more profit . On layers breeding , the layers can sell for meat when they not lay egg . The chicken dung can sell for fish food , organic fertilizer.

This is my simple suggestion for new farmer who want to start poultry farm. Different country , the cost and market price is different , so if you have any questions , you can contact us . We hope our suggestion can be helpful for you.

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    1. Yes , you can start at small farm ,not use cage , just feeders and drinkers, feed them by corn, grass and any other food chicken can eat. develop step by step , you will own a big farm.

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