automatic feeding hopper machine

Automatic feeding hopper machine ride on chicken cage


Automatic feeding hopper machine ride on the chicken cage. There are two types : One is “A type automatic feeding hopper machine ” used on A type chicken cage. Another is “H type automatic feeding hopper machine” used on H type chicken cage .

Advantage Of Automatic Feeding Hopper Machine 

(1) High efficiency. Give chicken feed just need 5~8 minutes for whole chickens .

(2) Labor saving. This can reduce cost on worker salary, also let the remaining worker liberate from no meaning job, spend more time learn breeding knowledge.

(3) Average feeding. The automatic feeding hopper system can give feed automaticly, save chicken feed than manual feeding.

The Working Principle Of Automatic Feeding Hopper Machine

The oblique spiral conveyor lift chicken feed from silo or feed mill machine to the cross spiral conveyor. Then the cross spiral conveyor transport chicken feed to feeding hopper .After the every feeding hopper is full of chicken feed . The cross spiral conveyor will stop automaticly. Then press the button, the motor and reducer will drive chain. The chain drive the feeding hopper walk on chicken cage . When feeding hopper walking , it will give chicken feed. Under every feeding hopper there is average device , which will keep giving chicken feed average. The feeding hopper system can move back and forth.

Parameters Of Automatic Feeding Hopper System

The following data for your reference. More details or customized , please contact us

Electricity Source: AC, 3 phase

Power: 0.75kw~1.5kw

Voltage: 220V/380V

Size/set: (2.3~2.7)m*(0.8~1.5)m*(1.5~3.4)m    L*W*H

Size/hopper: 0.66m*0.26m*0.5m   L*W*H

Capacity/hopper: 35~90kg

Working rate: 1.25kg~5.85kg/12meter (this is adjustable )

Walking Speed: 8~12m/min

Weight/set: 100~600kg

Guide rail: thickness=3.5mm, diamater=50mm

Guide rail material: hot galvanized carbon steel.

Spiral Conveyor(Augur convenyor): Diameter=75mm to 150mm

Feed silo: 5t , 10 t, 15t, 20t

A type and h type feeding hopper

A type and h type feeding hopper

(Design draft for automatic feeding hopper)

a type automatic feeding hopper

a type automatic feeding hopper

( A type feeding hopper used in chicken farm )

h type automatic feeding hopper

h type automatic feeding hopper

( H type automatic feeding hopper used on chicken farm )

feeding hopper


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