Feed Mill

Feed mill machine contain two parts : one is crushing machine ,the other is mixing machine.

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Feed mill is popular used in small and middle-sized farm. Feed mill machine contain two parts : one is crushing machine ,the other is mixing machine. The crushing machine crush the corn . Then send corn flour to mix tank . Another entrence will add bean pulp to mix tank. Mix all kinds of fodder and get the feed.

Specification Of Feed Mill Machine

(1) Application: crush all kinds of cereal( grain, like corn, wheat, bean, etc) to fish or chicken feed

(2) Working Stage: first crushing, Second transfer feed to mix tank mixing, last transfer to feeding hopper

(3) Capacity: 500KG, 8000KG, 1t, 2t,3t ,4t

(4) Power: 4KW to 17KW, 380V

(5) Usage : Chicken farm or livestock farm

Advantage Of Feed Mill 

(1).Feed grinder and mixer  with a crushing, stirring double effect.

(2).Feed grinder and mixer is less power consumption, small footprint;

(3).Feed grinder and mixer used in  small farms, crushed and mixed batch after completion,

(4).Feed grinder and mixer can temporarily do the deposit silo use, and then run out of processing

Working Principle 

The machine consists of a feeding machine, grinder, mixer.

Usually it is matched using for the pellet machine for the animal feed processing

(1).The crushing structure:

There are two ways to input the materials: automatically or manually. When the raw materials were put into the crushing room, with the beating of the hammer leaf and the scrubbing of the air, the raw materials will be crushed into mealiness or graininess. Then under the effect of the centrifugal air, the mealiness or the graininess will get in to the A impeller casing through the sieve pore.

(2).The materials mixing structure:

with the whirling of the thruster, the materials will be transferred into the material pipeline by the B hammer room by force. There, the materials will be lifted to the top of the room and be totally mixed up and down and spinned from left to right via the air. Thus the materials can be evenly mixed which is quite ideal.

feed mill 1

feed mill 1


( Henan Dingtuo feed mill machine )

feed mill 2

feed mill 2


( feed mill machine using in chicken farm )

feed mill 3

feed mill 3


( feed mill machine shipping )

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