Silo is hot galvanized or fiber glass


The feed silo is consist of silo body , silo lid , ladder ,column etc. The silo body is two part: upper part is cylinder , bottom part is cone. On the cone part , there is watch glass to see the feed in silo.

All silo from our company can be sent with feed truck and screw conveyor, gal.”DINGTUO” Silo is widely used for feed storage and delivery in poultry farms.

Advantage Of Dingtuo Silo 

High-quality material
We select Fine-quality corrugated hot-galvanized steel plate from domestic famous steel plate factories.All steel plates are passivation treated,with zinc-coating thickness no less than 275 gram per square meter,corrosion proof, high strength and long life span.

Silo cone plate and silo body thickness range from 1.0mm to 3.0mm, fit for different thickness requirement.

All steel plate joints are fixed by high-strength galvanized M10 bolt (48-hour salt spray tested)and seal gums,ensuring no leaking seams, security and long operating life.

Novel design
With our special automatic torsion spring controlling and steel wire rope design, customers can easily open and close stainless steel roof cover on the ground.

In order to observe feed conveying condition,transparent plate for viewing window is installed.

Optional anti-block ball is available as per your requirement to convey feed flow more smoothly.

Safe and humanized
Silo ladder stair is strong and slip resistant,assembled with guard rail to ensure safety,thus more humanistic.

Easy and fast assemble
Leaving proper installation hole for each main component thus can avoid punching and cutting.

Our Project 

silo 1

silo 1



( feed silo used in chicken farm )

silo installation

silo installation


( feed silo installation )

silo accessories

silo accessories


( Accessories)

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