H type layer chicken cage full automatic system

Full automatic H type layer chicken cage save labour and land,save time improve efficient.


Automatic H type layer chicken cage is designed for large scale poultry farm. There are at least 30,000+ birds in one shed .Usually there are 50,000~60,000 birds in one shed .The shed is full closed and feeding ,drinking, manure cleaning , ventilation all is automatic .

H type automatic layer cage is 4 tiers or 8 tiers . 8 tiers H type layer cage need add the shed height. It is two 4 tiers together and the shed divied into two-layer. This will breed more chicken in one shed , save land and easy to manage the farm.

Compare with A type layer cage ,  H type automatic layer chicken cage advantage is

(1) Save land

As we all know , some country or area the land price is very expensive. Automatic H type layer chicken cage can help farmer save land , reduce cost on buy land .Also it is meet to the land saving principle .

(2) Easy manage layers .

Automatic H type layer chicken cage is better to breed large quantity birds . If you use A type layer cage , you need 2~3 shed to breed 50,000 layers . You need go to 3 shed to do injection , epidemic protection, electric supply etc . But H type layer cage only one shed for 50,000 layers . You no need to walk around and easy to mange these birds. Just one system of feeding and manure cleaning ok .

(3) Labor saving

Automatic H type layer chicken cage is labor saving . For example , 50,000 birds need 6 workers if use A type cage . But if H type automatic cage , only need 2 worker. This save your cost on pay salary. So H type automatic cage especially good for high labor salary countries.

(4) Reduce disease

More people go into the chicken shed ,the disease risk will increase . The important things for poultry farmer is epidemic protection and reduce disease. The disease on layer will let farmer lose a lot of money.

H type automatic layer cage use less worker , reduce the layer people touch so reduce the diease . The ventilation system and manure cleaning system will keep chicken shed a good environment , a reasonalbe temperature. This not only reduce disease , but also improve egg laying quantity .

 H type  layer chicken cage component 

(1) Automatic Feeding System

Automatic feeding hopper and feed silo is the main feeding machine . The feed silo store and convey feed to feeding hopper . The feeding hopper move on chicken cage and give chicken feed .

h type cage feeding system

(2) Automatic Drinking System

The nipple drinker is ball valve type , no water leakage . The DOSATRON function is add medicine in water , filter will remove impurity in the water. This system guarantee the water supply.

h type cage drinking system

(3) Automatic Egg Collection System

The automatic egg collection system contain egg belt , main collection machine , cross collection machine . Egg will be convey to main machine by egg belt . Then main collection machine transport eggs to cross collection machine , then egg are delivered to egg package room.

h cage egg collection system

(4) Automatic Manure cleaning System

The manure belt will convey chicken manure to one end of shed . Then convey manure outside shed go to truck directly. The manure belt is PP and 1.2mm thickness.

h cage manure cleaning system

(5) Automatic Ventilation System

The fan let the shed fresh air flow . The cooling pad will cool the temperature in hot weather.

h cage ventilation system

(6) Electric Control System

The electric control system will control the egg collection , ventilation system , manure cleaning system, feeding system. You can manage the farm easily.

h cage electric control system

H type automatic layer chicken cage Specification

Size: 840*1250*650mm

Capacity: 192 birds/set

Raw material : Q235 steel or Mg-Zn alloy.

Tiers : 4 tiers , 5 tiers , 8 tiers .

Delivery And Package 

(1) Shipping by Sea or flight.

(2) Accessories such as nipple, packed by carton (sometimes carton)

(3) Delivery by 20GP or 40GP container. If you just by accessories , we send you by DHL or less container load.

chicken cage delivery

Why Choose Us

We have our own R&D team on our factory. We make sure all the design is scientific and reasoble , help you save money on running your chicken farm. We have practical ablity to help you design moderm automatic chicken farm. The shed is good ventilation . The motor we use Mitsubishi , all the equipment is checked ok before delivery.

We have expericened , quick response and religious project team help you do chicken farm location choice , develop plan , chicken shed design & construction , equipment installation and products upgrade, free technical consultant , breeding knowledge learning lessons . We hope all our hard work can help you operate your poultry farm well and benifit .


h type automatic layer cage farm 1

h type automatic layer cage farm 2

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