layer chicken cages

Layer cages capacity:  90 , 96  , 120 ,128  , 160 , 200 birds/set.

FOB Price: US $80 – 125
Min.Order  : 10 Set/Sets
Delivery  Time: 10~20 days
Supply Ability: 20000 Set/Sets per Month
Shipping Port: Qingdao,Tianjin, Shanghai ,Shenzhen etc
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram,Paypal,Cash etc



Layer chicken cages is to breed layer chicken. Usullay chicken cage capacity is : 90 birds, 96 birds , 120 birds, 128 birds, 160 birds, 200 birds .

Layer cage is popular in these countries : Nigeria , Kenya , Uganda , Ethiopia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia , Qatar , Sri Lanka , Indonesia , Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar , Nepal etc.

Layer chicken cages breed young layer chickens from the 50 days old . When the chicks layer 50~60 days old , tranfer them to layer chicken cage . About 100 days old , the layer will lay egg. There is 7°~9° slope in the bottom of layer cage, so eggs will slide to egg tray from the layer cage automaticly.

The layer live in layer chicken cage have a lot advantage.

(1) Prevent disease transmission, reduce cost and benefit more.

(2) Easy manage and save time .

(3) Good ventilation system , increase egg laying rate.

(4) Use less land than pan feeding system.

(5) Various size suit for different farm .we have different cage capacity, suit for all kinds of poultry farm. Customized deisgn and production is no problem.

One complete cage contain : cage wire mesh and frame , water pipe and nipple drinker, feed trough , fixed fittings and installation tools . We produce: 90 birds layer cage , 96 birds layer cage , 128 birds layer cage , 160 birds layer cage , 200 birds layer cage . The detail specification is following:

Material : Q235 steel or Mg-Zn alloy.

Surface Treatment:  Cold galvanized or hot galvanized or plastic coating

Cold Galvanization cage ——8~10 years

Hot Dip Galvanization cage ——15~20 years

PVC Coated cage ——12~18 years

Note: Customized cage is available. For more dimensions information or special requirement please contact us       WhatsApp+86 13213076546

Layer chicken cage system

Delivery And Package

(1) Shipping by Sea or flight.

(2)For accessories such as nipple, packed by carton (sometimes carton)

(3)Delivery by 20GP or 40GP container. If you just by accessories , we send you by DHL or less container load.

chicken cage delivery

chicken cage delivery

Why Choose Us 

1. Strict to raw material selection

We use Q235 or Mg-Zn alloy as raw material . Every process is standard and strict. Some small factory use Q195 steel as raw material .

2. U-shape steel cage frame

We use U-shaped hot galvanized steel as cage frame . Hot galvanized gurantee frame anti-rust and longer life time. The chicken cage not collapse after using few years.

3. High quality accessories

We use strong white PVC feed trough( 11kg weight). High quality ball valve nipple drinker. But some bad supplier use black feed trough, spring type nipple drinker. The black feed trough can only last for 2~3 years , then broken. The spring nipple is easy leakage and waste water. Also let the shed wet and let cage become easy corrsion.

4. Professional design and installation guide

We give our customer profesisonal shed design . When installation we will send engineer or give our customer video guide. All the things is 24 hours online service.

Our Project 

layer chicken cage case

layer chicken cage farm

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