4 tier 200 birds layer chicken cage

4 tier 200 birds layer cage is the biggest size cage of all A type chicken cage.The big birds capacity cage save land , improve density and suit for use automatic equipment on cage.

4 tier 200 birds cage specification

Whole cage size : 2.2m*2.5m*1.9m

Cage cell size : 430mm*480mm*400

Capacity: 200birds/set, 5cell , 5 birds/cell.

Raw material: Q235 steel ,hot galvanized.


Dingtuo 4 tier 200 birds cage advantage

  • Big capacity for 200 birds
  • Big cage size and space
  • Automatic system for per bird is low
  • One shed can breed 30,000 birds.
  • Use less land than other A type cage


Why 4 tier 200 birds cage is loved by middle scale poultry farm ?


Reason 1: As know , the automatic feeding hopper , manure cleaning system ,egg collection machine cost is fixed . If add chicken quantity in the farm(of course on the reasonable density), the equipment cost for per chicken is low. So poultry farm aims at benefit, lower cost for per chicken , their profit is utmost.


Reason 2: Use 4 tier 200 birds cage , one shed can hold 30,000 layer chicken, just need 1~2 workers. But If use other A type cage , 30,000 birds chicken farm need 2 or 3 shed . So the building cost is high , and need more workers to manage the chicken.


Reason 3 : More workers on the farm , more venture of epidemic on the poultry farm. 4 tiers 200 birds cage use less worker , and automatic system reduce people chicken touch, reduce the disease venture.


Reason 4 : Land price is expensive in some country , especially China. More shed means more investment cost. So one shed breed 30,000 layers , it save land means save money, save money equal to make money.


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