4 tier 160 birds layer cage is customized chicken cage. The width and height of cage is big size than common cage. It high efficient utilization shed land and automatic system. Reduce the cost of automatic system for per birds.

4 tier 160 birds layer cage specification

Whole cage size: 2m*2.5m*1.9m

Cell specification: 390*500*400mm

Chicken capacity: 160 birds

Raw material: Q235 steel

Surface: Hot or cold Galvanized


4 tier 160 birds cage mainly be used in automatic chicken farm. This can save land and labour , reduce equipment cost for per birds.


The related automatic system on 160 birds cage

  • Automatic feeding hopper
  • Automatic manure cleaning system
  • Automatic egg collection system
  • Ventilation system


Advantage of 4 tiers 160 birds layer cage

  • Hold more birds
  • Big cage size supply layers enough space to live
  • Use automatic system , reduce per birds cost
  • One shed can breed 20000+ layers

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