4 tier 120 birds layer cage

4 tier 120 birds layer cage and 128 birds layer cage, both is A type chicken cage, can be manual feeding or automatic feeding.

4 tier 120 birds : 1950*350*380mm , 3 chicken/ cell, 5 cell.

4 tier 128 birds : 1950*350*380mm, 4 chicken/cell, 4 cell

This type layer cage is best selling now. Some farmer do not know the reason , just see other farmer choose it ,so he also choose it. Now i try to summarize the reasons following:

The advantage of 120 birds 4 tier layer cage

  • One same size shed , 4 tier cage hold 30 more chickens than 3 tier cage
  • One cell hold 3 layers , easy do injection and observe.
  • The cage height about 1.75meter, comfortable for manual feeding , put and take out chicken.
  • The layer density per M²is reasonable, no need high standard for ventilation system.
  • Add automatic feeding hopper , feeding time just 5~7minutes one time.


Component of one set cage

  • Main Part : cage wire mesh, cage frame
  • Accessories : white feed trough , water pipe , nipple drinker , C-pins , connection for pipe&feed trough, water tank/regulator, Dosatron, filter , end block etc.
  • Installation tools : C-pin gas gun or M-pin pliers
  • Automatic Part : automatic feeding hopper , automatic manure cleaning scrapper/belt system, egg collection machine , ventilation system.

a type layer chicken cage specification

Cage size: 2m*2.3m*1.75m  60/64kg per set

Raw Materials: Q235 steel

Surface treatment: Hot galvanized , cold galvanized , plastic coated

This 4 tier 120 birds cage suit for 8000 , 10000, 20000 birds chicken farm.

If 10000 chicken farm use 4 tier 120 birds layer cage, manual feeding conditions . The chicken house size: length=60m, width=11m, height=3.5m


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