3 tier layer chicken cage

3 tiers of 90 , 96, 120 birds layer cage breed egg laying chicken.Usually manual feeding  for 2000, 5000 birds farm.

The chicken cage wire mesh material: Q235 steel.But some small factory use Q195 materials , this let cage life short than Q235 raw materials.

The cage surface treatment: hot galvanized or cold galvanized .

Hot galvanized layer cage is longer life time , usually 20 year life time . Colc galvanized layer cage usually 10 years life time.

Is this all of the details ? No.

The feed trough , cage frame , water pipe and nipple also have big difference .

For feed trough , there are 3 quality: White feed trough>black feed trough>green feed trough.

We suggest you choose white color feed trough , big type , this is strong enough and longer life time than the other two.

For cage frame , there are Hot galvanized U-shape steel and Iron steel frame. Obviously , hot galvanized U-shape steel frame is good .

Water pipe and nipple , we suggest you use white color pipe and ball valve nipple drinker.

Many chicken farm use 3 tiers layer cage is middle and small farm. The cage usually put in 3 row , shed length=25m , width=10m for 2700 layers .

Different period , Different product , Different order quantity , Different Exchange rate , the price is also different. Please contact us or send email , add WhatsApp , to get latest price

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