6.5 degree slope of cage bottom

Is your layer cage bottom 6.5°slope ?

Layer cage is to breed layer chicken. Chicken cage capacity 90 birds , 120 birds , 128 birds is best selling.Chicken will be put into layer cage when 60 days old.

Many farmers know the cage quality , hot dipped chicken cage , hot galvanized chicken cage, cold galvanized chicken cage, plastic coated cage . They know the quality of accessories, such as feed trough , nipple drinker , water pipe .

But did ever you noticed the cage bottom slope ?

What’s the slope degree of the cage bottom ?

When i ask 20 poultry farmers , only one tell me it is 8°~9°. So it is 1/20 people notice this details.

Is it best slope for the poultry farming ?

When cage bottom slope is  8°~9°, the egg fall speed is a little fast , egg easy to broken. The broken rate is 8%.

8% egg broken rate is high , also a lose for poultry farmer. We feel sad. In the market , many cage is 8°~9°.

As poultry equipment manufacturer , we noticed this problem long ago , we hope we can change it , reduce the broken rate. Our R&D team test many times ,At last , we change the bottom slope to 6.5°.

When the cage bottom slope 6.5°, the egg broken rate is 0.1%~1%. Use H type cage and egg belt , the broken rate is 0.1%.

The reason is that 6.5°slope can slow the speed of eggs , reduce hit strength , so it is low egg broken rates.

Now , there is also a new tips for poultry farmers , when you choose layer cage , not only consider cage material , configuration , but also the bottom slope. Reasonable bottom slope can reduce egg broken rates , reduce your lose=let you make more money.

At last ,Wish every poultry farmer run his chicken farm well .

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