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What is the big challenge in Kenya poultry farms ? Layer cages , workers , veterinarian? No , it is chicken feed .


Chicken feed have become a big challenge for Kenya poultry farmers in the year 2018. In Kenya, grow maize and other feed raw materials is less. So Kenya poultry farmers have to import chicken feed raw materials from Tanzania , Uganda. This lead to their chicken feed price higher than Tanzania , Uganda. Egg price fixed , so their profit is lower than Tanzania , Uganda.


Tanzania and Uganda are also eggs suppliers in Africa market. Because of they have advantage on chicken feed price , they can acquire market at a lower egg price strategy. Their eggs in the market are more competitive than Kenya eggs.


This is a big challenge for Kenya poultry farms .


So they should find solution to get cheap price chicken feed . The following is opinions from Mr Ngura


Egg prices in Kenya has dropped yet again.Reason?Cheap imports from neighbouring countries.Has feed prices ever dropped?Never and it won’t drop even in the foreseeable future.
The only secret to succeeding in the hybrid layer industry is to work with economies of scale:
1.)Make your own feeds
2.)Keep more than 1000 birds
This is only applicable in Kenya.I visited Tanzania last week and eggs there are in high demand.A tray goes for 450kshs. in Arusha.A bag of layers mash there goes for 1800kshs.What’s the secret for success in poultry industry?
*Grow major raw materials such as maize,sorghum,soya,sunflower and cotton.Where do we go wrong as Kenyans?We rely on imports and as a result get poor quality raw materials.
Feed manufacturers aren’t sincere.We like shortcuts and we are gullible.
Do our chickens ever reach 90% egg production?Very rare if any.Major cause?Poor quality feeds among other management problems.
In Kenya if you are a small farmer you are doomed if you rely on buying poultry feeds.Solution?Hold hands as farmers and import feed raw materials.Press the government to restrict egg imports from Uganda.Demonstrate if possible,Hold up your eggs if possible until the goverment intervenes.
Establish egg markets in each county and stick to one agreed price.Strangle the cartels and brokers and they will wither.
Another secret is to lease land and start growing feed raw materials as farmers union.The only thing you will be importing is vitamin premix,DCP,bone meal,methionine,lysine and toxin binder.
Nothing is impossible.


Mr Njogu: good advice,however it will be hard to press the gove to restrict egg imports due to selfishness and greed,
for farmers holding hands to import feed raw materials they need to form groups as opposed to our current situation of one man for himself


Mr Ngura : Farmers are their own worst enemies.All this can be done if they have a unity of purpose.Forming a group and importing raw materials is only a temporary solution.
Permanent solution is to contract outgrowers who will grow these raw materials.Do you think cartels in the feed and egg industry will allow this?Unless farmers become aggressive and press hard.


Mr Oyindo : We are in a free market economy. There fore the market I left to regularise till market prices stabilize by principles of demand and Supply. However ever now farmers need to look and simple flexible innovations to reduce cost of production.


Mr Sila : Learn how to make quality and affordable feeds using the above ingredients:-

Mr Kiiru : Government needs to protect Local Farmers and local produce. This is the way to fight poverty, not creating jobs for other countries. Eggs from Tanzania or wherever should be taxed .


Mr Ngura : It should be done Magufuli style.Tanzania doesn’t allow importation of such and this has empowered the poultry farmers.On top of that they have readily available feed raw materials.


Steven Wang : Large scale chickens is the tredency. Large scale , can buy feeds at low price , can lower invest for per birds. Can have power on the market price . In every country , even China , small chickens farms are changing to large scale breeding. Now one small farm is 10,000 layers . In many village , one chicken farm is 20,000 layers .

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