Henan Dingtuo is a innovate and hard work company. We devote ourselves to supply customer high quality , economic ,scientific design equipment .Let our customer can benefit a lot from using our product. And at last acheive our first goal: let poultry farming easier , let life better.

We comply with china’s labour law , environmental protection law. We do not be bloodsucker and let workers work in a bad environmet. All our workers can have enough time to sleep, have meal and rest . Our factory is clean and high efficiency and full of each other’s care. Only this , all the person in the company is spare no effort in job , and use their wisdom and technical produce high quality product .We think the product can still have spirit when all the person work with heart , wisdom, and feel happiness in working time.

chicken cage delivery in dingtuo gruop
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chicken cage delivery in dingtuo gruop
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