chicken listen to music in cage farm

Let chicken listen to music , can this improve egg laying for layers in chicken cage? The answer is Yes .

This idea have been proved and now most poultry farms in use this method to improve egg laying and egg quality.

In Nazhang city,  there is a young man whose name is Bingshou Huang. When he is 17 years old , he go to Guangzhou to look for job. But he did not make money at there . In the year 2013 , he went back to hometown lonely . He saw many neighbours breed layers , so he decided try it .

The first time , he start with 5000 layers with A type chicken cage. That year he no lose , no profit . Only on the year 2014 , he make little money. As a new one go into poultry farm , he have no experience and less breeeding skill.

He decieded to go on. Though little money , but it is much better than work for boss in Gunagzhou. But the tractor on farm land and other machines disturb his chicken farm. The noise made by machines lead to layers agitated , egg laying reduce , some layers even not lay eggs.

He worried much about this.

One day , he went to chicken shed to pick up eggs . At this time , he mobile ring. But he had no time to accept this call . So the mobile music play a while . He accidentally discovered that the anxious flocks were quiet! Could it be that chickens also love to listen to songs?

First of all, he only wanted to put a loudspeaker in the chicken house to let the music cover the noise outside. A month later, he found that egg production has increased! He was overjoyed and began to ponder over it.

Bingshou Huang said that he has done many experiments. The music such as disco and rock is not good, and the opera is not good. The rhythm is soothing and bright, and the melody is beautiful. The square dance music of the slow four shots works best. He play songs on time from 8 am to 6 pm every day. The egg production rate was 98% in the past two years, which was about 5% higher than before. The peak laying period was extended from the previous 6 months to 7 to 8 months. The egg is also big, the previous 8 eggs=1 kg, now 7 is more than 1 kg, the egg color is not whitish, the shell is thicker than before; one year count, can increase more than 4,800 USD.

We interviewed Jiuji Town Animal Husbandry Station. The technical staff Tang Shitao said that the mechanical noise, a shock and other stimuli will cause the chicken to have a “stress response”. The glucocorticoids are secreted in large quantities, and the chickens will be restless, not eating or drinking. In severe cases, even lethal. The egg production rate will drop, and the abnormal egg rate will increase. Like many people think that it is a “lucky eggs” double yellow egg, it is actually a distorted egg in the stress response of chicken.

It is understood that Nanzhang City has experienced rapid development of livestock and poultry farming in recent years. There are only 80 chicken farms in Jiuji Town, and Bingshou Huang is the smallest; there are 462 livestock and poultry breeding in Quannan. The relevant departments hold a free breeding seminar every three months, and also build a WeChat group to let farmers share information and jointly raise the level of farming.

So if you also have a poultry farm , why not also let your chicken listen to songs. This will make them happy , a good mood , and return you by high egg laying rate , bigger eggs and much weight eggs and high quality eggs . Do not hesitate , take action now.


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