manage point of laying till old layer

Manage points of laying till old layers

Few days ago , i see a new poultry farmer ask manage point of layers . So we let our team give tips for new farmer. In this article , layers is breed in  layer chicken cage , chicks cage . So if you feed layer on ground or use pan feeding , the operation is different from this article , please noted.

(Ⅰ)Phases 1—— Chicks layer

Time: before put chicks layer into shed .

Target : supply no bacteria , warm and comfortable environment

Manage Point: Disinfect when the shed is empty. Improve the temperature to 32℃~33℃ before put layer chicks in shed.


Time: Put chicks layer into shed

Target: Reduce stress reaction, make sure high live rate

Mange point:  Prepare warm water(25℃) in advance 30 minutes. Give water in time , then feed chicks layer by feed pan.

After 2 hours of put chicks layer into shed , improve temperature into 35℃~37℃ gradually. Keep this temperature 3 days , and make sure moisture 60%. Also have medicine protection at the same time.


Time: 0~7 weeks old chicks.

Target : Grow to standard weight, tibial length standard , high survival rate.

Manage Point: Make sure temperature stable. Main point is keep warm , though sometimes need ventilation in shed. Give feed less once a time , but many times one day. This will keep feed fresh , chicks like it. Measure the chicks weight( 5% of all chicks) on 7 days old , 35 days old , 49 days old . If big farm , you can choose ≤2% of all chicks quantity. Make sure the weight on standard. Most important is choose the less weight , weak chicks, then put these chicks in single place.


(Ⅱ)Phase 2——Young layer

Time : 8~14 weeks old .

Target : weight standard , good uniformity.

Manage Point: on 8 weeks , separate chicks into all cages.Add Multi-Vitamins to avoid stress reaction. Change to use young layer feed . Make sure the light time is stable , not add longer light time . Weigh the layer weight , choose and weed out weak layers.


(Ⅲ)Phase 3——Prepare and ready to lay eggs

Time : 14~15 weeks old

Target : standard weight

Manage Point: Keep temperature stable as Phase 2.  If temperature≥24℃, it will hold-up layer grow. If ≥28℃, effect grow much .So keep the shed temperature stable and avoid big wave.

Give feed at night , this will help layer grow weight. Adjust feed time , give chicken feed average, and start less , the last time more. This will helpful to avoid feed store in feed trough.


(Ⅳ) Phase 4——Egg laying

Time : 15~72 weeks old

Target:  Keep high egg laying rate , reduce dead layers , reduce disease , delay the egg laying times.

Mange Point:   Add light time for layers , keep good ventilation and flow fresh air in shed. Disinfect in chicken shed on time. At this time , avoid layer grow weight. From the 50 weeks, add shell powder or lime powder, this helpful to let egg shell strong.

Good disease protection , on time disinfect and feeding use heart . Reduce death is important of all , this period the chicken is not chicken , what they lay is USD dollars . If one died , it is a lose to poultry farmer.


(Ⅴ) Phase 5——Sell these layers

Time : 72 weeks later

Target : sell these old layers

Manage Point:  When layers 73 weeks old , they are old and eat same feed , but not lay eggs as Phase 4. So what should you do ? just sell them for meat . So on this phase , not any manage point , in fact . Just sell these layers and put the money in your pocket . Start the next cycle.

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