ventilation system for chicken farm

New farmers always not pay attention to ventilation. They pay their attention on feed , water , egg laying , neglect the ventilation in chicken house.

Their neglect usually leads to a big lose to the chicken farm. The ammonia gas is too much in shed , no fresh air and enough oxygen let layers grow slow even harm the grow. The wet and manure environment let bacteria easy grow , chicken easy to get disease . Egg laying rate lower , chicken die rates higher .

This is a big lose for poultry farmer . So please pay more attention to ventilation and action right now , not wait to do it until tomorrow.

Tips for ventilation in the chicken shed .

In some country , the electric is not stable , so the chicken shed is full open no wall. On this condition , we suggest you reduce the density of birds . Keep the nature wind is enough and enough water supply.

For the semi closed shed or full closed shed . Ventilation fan and cooling pad is necessary . Ventilation fan will let fresh air flow into shed and bad air out . Cooling pad use water evaporation take temperature , let the shed cool down in hot weather.


  1. Requirement for ventilation: satisfy the oxygen demand for chicken , adjust temperature. Take out Ammonia gas , Carbon dioxide , HS . A good ventilation shed should no smell of Ammonia gas smell , no bad smell .


  1. Operation : for chicks ≤2 weeks , mainly is keep worm , then is ventilation.

Chicks ≥2 weeks , more operation on ventilation. Usually 2~3 hours interval should open window and ventilation. But if outdoor temperature and indoor temperature difference is over 10℃, ventilation should short than 1 minutes. If difference is 5℃, you can longer the ventilation time,  but the shed temperature should not decrease 3℃.

Evenings , should also ventilation 2~3 times , especially for chicks farm , young layer farm.


  • For chicks , the main job is keep warm , then is ventilation and let air fresh. Avoid that : good ventilation but chicken get cold , get disease because of too cold temperature.


  • In hot seasons , farmers should observe the birds . If the birds open mouth big , difficult breathing , farmers should add open ventilation fan and add ventilation air , avoid chicken die . Use cooling pad together with fan is the best .


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