cage with feeding hopper

Automatic feeding hopper be used on chicken cage , can improve the efficiency. The feeding time can be shorter than before.

About 15 years ago. Most of poultry farmer still feed chicken by manual ways. Though there is automatic feeding machine , but lack of money and high price at that time , so the efficiency is low .

Poultry farmers are very tired every day. They must get up early in morning give layers feed the first time. This will take them 2~3 hours to feed whole chickens in farm. Remove the feed bags and bend down to give feed let them get one disease : lumbar disc herniation.

Then do the dung cleaning , after this work done , it is noon time. They have lunch and rest few minutes , go on start feeding chicken for the second time in afternoon.

Still in the dusk and evening , they should also give chicken feed .

With time development . The automatic feeding hopper is design and popular in market .

Now the feeding hopper is large scale used in farms , and it replace the ceiling type feeding machine . Now the feeding hopper is affordable for many poultry farmers . And it improve efficiency greatly. In former , it need 2~3 hours to give feed . Now only 5~10 minutes is ok . Just press the button.

So poultry farmers are liberated from the hard and boring work. They can have time learn more breeding skills , feeding knowledge, epidemic protection etc. The new skills and knowledge can help them benefit more though breeding chicken birds.

What’s more , there is average device , it keeps giving feed average . Not like manual feeding , feed is not average.

As far as i know , more and more  poultry farm in Lagos , Nigeria , Uganda, South Africa, Ethiopia, Indonesia , Nepal etc have used automatic feeding hopper , or start to use .

We hope new technology and equipment can give us more convenient . And spare no effort on R&D, to benefit more poultry farmers , let poultry farming easier , let poultry farming be a happiness thing.


Details : Automatic feeding hopper


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