be careful when truck eggs

Be careful and buy insurance when truck eggs.

Today , one truck in Kenya overturn on the road . Some people said he also see this accident when go to Mombasa.

One truck take egg overturn on the road . All the eggs is on the road , some is broken. Many people feel sorry for this.

So be careful when truck eggs to supermarket.

  1. Make sure the truck is good , no problems
  1. The driver should experienced . No tiered driving on road.
  1. Buy insurance when truck eggs to supermarket.

I also feel sad for this accident. So far no news that anyone get hurt in this accident.

Every poultry farmer is not easy . They work day and night to feed chicken , cure chicken disease , clean droppings. When the eggs is harvest , please be careful , avoid any lose .

God bless every poultry farmers.


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