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Now it is Summer , very hot weathers. Many poultry farmers tell us that their chicken get hurt . Chicken peck each other and get hurt, some get sick because of wound infection.

Why they peck each other ? Any solution or action i can do for it ? They ask us two questions.

Not urgent , read the following.

Why chicken peck each other , especially in Summer? Because in Summer , the day time is longer , sunlight is strong. Longer and strong day time let chicken imitated, they easy get angry and peck each other. Of course , the hot weather is also one factor.

Now you know why they peck each other . But how to solve this problem ?

There are 3 solutions for you. Also you can use all of them.

Solution1 : Reduce the sunlight time for chicken . Use cooling pad and fan for them in hot weather.

Solution 2: Cut off their beak. Make sure beak is orderly after debeaking.

Solution3 : Give them glasses . The glasses will block they look straight , but can look on the side. This way , they will not fight.

From operation , the solution 2 and solution 3 is most helpful and result easy see.

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