Brooder Heater



Brooder heater is a newest automatic breeding heating equipment, adopts hanging type design, it is suitable for both deep liter rearing and cage rearing.

Microcomputer temperature control, temperature can be adjusted 1-99 degrees, automatic shut off beyond setting temperature, recover warming below 2 degrees of setting temperature.

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Specification Of Brooder Heater 

Material Aluminum alloy, carbon fiber heating tube
Size 50*50*18cm
Weight 7.5KG
Voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 1200-2700w
Temperature 1-99℃
Application Chicken, duck, pigeon and quail, pig etc brood heating

Feature Of Brooder Heater 

1. Save 30% electricity Carbon fiber heating tube best use, efficient and energy saving.

2. One year Quality Guarantee of whole machine Freely change heating tube and 4 pieces of small fans if natural damage, because they are fast products.

3. High machine stability Best choose Pure copper wire potential transformer, It highly improves machine stability.

Advantage Of Brooder Heater 

  • easy installation ,simple operation
  • Automatic control temperature
  • constant temperature, without human supervision
  • Adjustable temperature
  • uniform heating
  • solved the three-dimensional brood on lower level between the problem of uneven heating
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