egg incubator

Incubator suit for eggs of chicken , duck ,goose etc



Egg incubator

Egg incubator is popular in every country. It is easy to operation and a good way to hatching chicks.Our egg incubator have four type: Mini type(7~96 eggs) , Middle type(176~5280 eggs) , Big type(6280~20,000 eggs) , Large type(25,000~50,000 eggs).Henan Dingtuo egg incubator can be used for birds , chicken , duck ,goose , quail etc .

The mini and middle type incubator used for small farmer

Usually , the mini incubator is for family use. In good season , the chicks is hard to buy from the hatching poultry company , so they can choose mini incubator or middle incubator to hatching chicks at home .

The big and large type incubator used for chicks dealer

Usually , chicks dealer would more like to choose big or large capacity incubator. This can satisfy their customer requirement for small chicks in good season. As everyone knows , one hatching period need 21 days , so the big and large one is their first and best choice.

Specification Of Egg Incubator

Type Chicken eggs Duck eggs Goose eggs Size (mm) Power (W) Voltage (V)
DT-48 48 / / 550*450*700 50W 220V
DT-100 100 63 32 750*550*700 60W 220V
DT-176 176 126 64 750*550*800 80W 220V
DT-264 264 189 96 750*550*900 100W 220V
DT-352 352 252 128 750*550*1000 120W 220V
DT-1408 1408 1008 576 950*650*1500 260W 220V
DT-2112 2112 1512 768 1350*830*1500 350W 220V
DT-2816 2816 2016 1152 1750*830*1500 500W 220V
DT-3520 3529 2520 1440 1750*830*1800 700W 220V
DT-4224 4224 3024 1728 1750*830*2000 800W 220V
DT-12672 12672 9072 5184 3000*1800*2000 2300W 220V/380V
DT-16896 16898 12096 6912 4000*1800*2000 2800W 220V/380V
DT-19712 18172 14112 8064 4000*1800*2000 3000W 220V/380V

Feature of Egg Incubator 

Capacity 7,48,96,176,264,352,440,528…up to 50,000+
Usage Birds , chicken , duck , goose , quail….
Hatching rate More than 98%
Voltage 160V~240v, 50HZ , AC
Power 200~800W
Alarm Over/less temperature and humidity Alarm
Egg Turner Automatic per 90 minutes
Full Automatic Automatic egg-turning and temperature control
Certificate CE, ISO9001, SGS,SONCAP, CCVO
Package Wooden box with foam inside or carton box
Guarantee 1 year

(Different capacity egg incubator)

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