debeaker machine

debeaker machine used for chicken , duck etc.



Chicken debeaker machine is used to cut chicken or duck beak quickly .Debeaker can stanch blood for chicken or duck of different ages (Usually first two weeks). Technical is usually cutting 1/4~1/3 upper beak, not more than 1/2 of the whole beak. The debeaker machine is composed of transformer , motor and cooling exhaust fan. Equipped with motor starting boat-shaped switch and voltage-adjusting multi stage switch of electric heating movable knife.

We supply different type of chicken debeaker machine : portable machine , foot operated machine , machine with counting function , electric motor machine. All can be sued both for chicken and duck.

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 Specification of Chicken Beak Cutting Machine

Model Name  DT-200 DT-250
Extra Function Without accounting With Accounting
Powder 200-250W 220-250W
Voltage 220V 220V
Working Capacity Less 1800pcs/h 1800pcs/h
Temperature for blade 600-850 degree 650-950 degree
Blade heating time Less 30 seconds Less 30 seconds
Time for Stanching 1-4 seconds 1-4 seconds
Weight  7.85kgs 8.85kgs
Size 27*16*14cm 27*16*14cm
Package Carton Box Carton Box


  Chicken Beak Cutting Machine  Direction For Use


1. Switch on the machine ,adjust the temperature of movable blade

2. Wait the machine is hot enough or become reddish

3. When the movable blade glows , start motor switch and on-off switch

4. According to chicken beak size , adjust the aperture of micro cutter blade

5. Hold chicken with a right position, usually hold chicken feet with left hand , chicken neck with right thumb , and pin chicken throat with right hand forefinger.

6. Stick chicken beak into the aperture ,when the movable blade drops, stop bleeding with 2~4 seconds 

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