plucker machine

plucker machine remove feather from chicken ,duck ,goose etc.



Chicken plucker machine is used to remove the feather of chicken , duck ,goose ,quails and some other poultry animal. Chicken de-feather machine whole part is made of stainless steel, it is work fast , clean and convenient , suitable for family and small factory and shop use .

Operation Steps 

1.Before swith-on, make sure the working voltage is 220 voltage.

2.Check the rotating bottom with hands, whether it is properly working.

3.Hot water temperature is very important, it must 60 degree-80 degree.
Drop the poultry into the water and give it stir, then pick it up after 5-6 minutes.

4.Remove the birds from the scalder and place them in the drum plucker.Switch on the plucker and the overhead water.

The plucker is working in 15-30 seconds.Turn off the plucker, then the water.The drum plucker will de-feather  3-5 chickens or 2 turkeys at one time.

5. The operator may have to pick small fine remaining feathers with hand.

6. Place poultry in clean containers before transferring to evisceration unit.

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Different size poultry plucker machine for choosing

Type Size Power Drum Diameter Weight Capacity Birds/Time Application
DT-P0 30*30*70cm 0.7kw 50cm 47kg 1 Chicken/quail/pigeon
DT-P1 67*47*82cm 1.5kw 55cm 60kg 1~2 Chicken/duck/goose
DT-P2 59*61*86cm 2.2kw 60cm 65kg 2~4 Chicken/duck/goose
DT-P3 69*70*85cm 2.2kw 65cm 75kg 4~6 Chicken/duck/goose


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