manure dewater machine

manure dewater machine use for small poultry farm.



Manure solid liquid separation dewater machine is use the pump pull the fresh material , such as chicken manure , pig manure , industrial waste , fruit juice waste , oil waste etc into dewater equipment , the material through the special screen and then press by screw . The rotary of the machine can reach 45r/min, with the press of the screen and high rotary speed , chicken manure will be deatered by this machine . The water will enter into the pool through the screen. After this machine , moisture of manure is less than 30%, can be put into bag and delivered easily, or for further use directly.


For pig , poultry , cow’s farm and so on . Separate the water and drying manure from animal manure. Finished solid manure or liquid dung are sued for planting or methane fermentation.


Motor , pump , electric cabinet , steel wire hose , discharge hole ,mesh screen

Working principle

Pump raw animal dung by motor from manure pool , dung is conveyed to the mesh screen , solid will be pressed by screw shaft then to discharge hole , liquid will be discharged.

Advantage of manure solid liquid separation dewater machine

1. low poer consumption , low investment , high efficiency

2. Combined design structure

3. Main parts : screw and screen are made of heat treated stainless steel , durable

4. Very easy to operate and easy to maintain

5. Few labor are demanded

  Specificqation Of Manure Solid Liquid Separation Machine

 ( Manure solid liquid seperation dewater machine )

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