4 tiers of chicken cage with feed system

Why some farmers prefer 4 tiers than 3 tiers of chicken cage

what is the 4 tiers of layer cage ? what is 3 tiers of layer cage ? read the following 

4 tier 120 birds layer cage4 tiers of layer cage 

1) total 8 pieces of cage basket, one basket have 4 cell or 5 cell

2) normal size 2m by 2.2m by 1.7m

3) accessories are water pipe , feed trough , nipple drinkers , water tank and others

3 tier layer chicken cage3 tiers of layer cage 

1)Side by side and total 6 pieces of chicken cage basket

2)Capacity normally 90 birds per set, 96 birds per set

3)Whole size around 2m by 2m by 1.6m

4)Fittings with feeding trough, automatic nipple drinkers, pipe, tanks and others

4 tiers of chicken cage compared with 3 tiers of chicken cage

(1) Large birds capacity, the farm near the city or inside the city, the land is expensive .you’d better choose 4 tiers of chicken cage .but if your are in down village,small farms ,3 tiers of chicken cage is no problem.

(2) Save land . The same chicken shed , 4 tiers of chicken cage can hold more birds than 3 tiers of chicken cage. If weather is hot , use ventilation system and cooling pad to reduce temperature.

(3) If you are middle and large farm . 4 tiers of chicken cage more economic. You can add automatic egg collection machine , automatic feeding hopper and automatic manure cleaning system . This will save labor , improve effective.Now in Uganda , Kenya , Nigeria , South Africa , more and more farm use automatic system .

(4) 4 tiers of chicken cage more suit for automatic system . This can reduce workers , reduce person chicken contact , this will reduce disease in chicken farm , good epidemic protection.

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